Six principles

Classical Pilates is based on six fundamental principles


Focus is required for all movements.


The performance of exercises needs to be controlled so that each goal is achieved.


All the work in Classical Pilates comes from your centre, known as the powerhouse.


Each movement should be performed with precision.


The control and rhythm of your breathing enables you to perform with control and quality of movement.


The sequence of exercises should be flowing but with control, and graceful with dynamic energy.

What Classical Pilates can do for you

Increase your flexibility, tone, strength and balance
Reduce stress and fatigue
Improve your posture
Re-train your body to move more safely and efficiently
Correct body alignment and reduce chronic pain
Condition your whole body for optimal performance
Give you a fun but challenging workout

About Classical Pilates

True Pilates is a unique, structured system of over 500 specific body conditioning exercises developed by Joseph Pilates. Classical Pilatestudios teaches only the pure, original system on specialty equipment with accredited teachers. Sessions are part of dynamic, customised programs for everyone, no matter your age, gender or ability.

Many gyms and physios offer heavily diluted ‘Pilates’ sessions in order to accommodate their large classes and basic equipment. These methods are often inferior as they rarely address the unique needs of each individual. The Classical Pilates Method, begun about 90 years ago, is becoming a well-known body conditioning exercise system that successfully shapes balanced, healthy bodies.

Joseph Pilates devised this system of exercises that combines strengthening and stretching, using several apparatuses with spring resistance, as well as floor mat. He called his system The Art of Contrology. You will never be bored as more challenging exercises are added to your program as you become stronger and more flexible.


"Contrology (Pilates) is designed to give you suppleness, natural grace and skill that will be unmistakably reflected in the way you walk, play and work. You will develop muscular power with corresponding endurance, ability to perform arduous duties, to play strenuous games, to walk, run or travel for long distances without undue body fatigue or mental strain."

from Return to Life Through Contrology by Joseph Pilates